(LMS1) Using the legacy License Server 1.42.0

Technical Note 91786






2020-11-26 19:08

Note: - This applies to legacy versions of IAR Embedded Workbench (2013 and older) which used License Management System version 1 (LMS1).


This Technical Note gives advice on using the IAR License Server (LMS1) to share licenses over a local network.


The limitations are important, because the legacy technology in LMS1 (last release 15/June/2011) imposes limitations not expected today.

  1. Thoroughly read the limitations (close below).
  2. Dedicate a physical computer with an old tested Windows operating system.
  3. On another computer (with Internet access), fetch the installation media (link far below) for the LMS1 License Server application.
  4. Copy the installation media to the dedicated computer and install.

These limitations apply:

  • The server computer must have a static TCP/IP address.
  • A license request might fail (or work intermittently) over VPN.
  • A license request might fail if performed from (or to) another local network.
  • Use a physical computer.
    • The license server application might work on a virtual computer.
    • Note that the LMS1 license server application tries to detect and block itself on a virtual computer.
    • For a license, (locked to MAC or IP-address), the physical computer should only have a single network card.
  • Use a tested Windows operating system.
    • Microsoft no longer supports any of these Windows operating systems.
      • Note that your IT department might not allow installation of the legacy LMS1 License Server application due to this limitation
    • The operating systems (on which LMS1 has been tested) are:
      • Windows XP, 32-bit version
      • Windows 2003 server, 32-bit version
      • Windows Vista, 32-bit version
      • Windows Vista, 64-bit version
      • Windows 7, 32-bit version
      • Windows 7, 64-bit version
      • Windows 2008 server, 32-bit version
      • Windows 2008 server, 64-bit version
    • Because Microsoft no longer supports any of these operating systems, the advices are:
      • Use LMS1 server licenses in a local network
      • The network should not be able to reach from the Internet.

Downloading and Installing:


The LMS1 server license system works on older Windows systems running on physical computers in a local network.

The LMS1 IAR License Server might work:

  • on modern Windows systems
  • when communicating between different networks
  • in virtual computers

But all such usage is unsupported.

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