Restricting the use of network licenses

Technical Note 17747






2020-11-03 09:24


Network license can be used by anyone who has access to the server on which the license is activated. In some cases, this is not desired. For example if one specific department pays for a set of licenses and does not want other departments to use them.


It is possible to create a reservation file that specifies groups of users that may use a feature. The file can be edited manually or with the graphical tool WlsGrMgr. The location of the reservation file needs to be set with the SafeNet Environment variable LSRESERV.


  • Download the file Group and unzip it.
  • Read the file "Setting Group Reservations.docx" to get knowledge of the concepts.
  • Use the "WlsGrMgr.exe" following the instructions here below.


  • Open the WlsGrMgr and add a new feature, e.g. ARM.EW.COMPILER_STD with the correct version, e.g. 1.00. Choose “No limit” for the “Capacity” field.
  • In the next “group” dialog, specify a name of the group you want to edit, as well as the number of tokens (users of the license).
  • In the next “member” dialog, add users or PC names that should be allowed to use the feature.
  • Optionally, you can add an additional group to exclude members, but members that are not included are excluded implicitly anyway.
  • Save the file on the license server and set the value of the environment variable LSRESERV to the location of the file.
  • Restart the license server service (Sentinel RMS License Manager).


# Created By Sentinel RMS Development Kit Group Manager ::: ::: 1.0
ARM.EW.COMPILER_STD,1.01:EWARM_Compiler_users:3:include_user1 $include_machine !exclude_user

This reservation file allows the user include_user1 and the PC include_machine to use the IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM Compiler licenses. Exclude_user is excluded explicitly.


This Tech Note doesn't apply to the legacy License Management System 1.xx.

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