IAR Embedded Secure IP upgrades solutions portfolio with late-stage security

The new security solution from IAR allows embedded developers to easily add robust security to existing applications even at a late stage of the software development process and go straight into production.

Uppsala, Sweden; April 12, 2023 – IAR, the world leader in software and services for embedded development, is announcing the launch of IAR Embedded Secure IP, enabling developers to add embedded security to their firmware applications even at a late stage of the product life cycle.

With IAR Embedded Secure IP, software managers, engineers, and project managers can rapidly upgrade their existing products with unique and flexible security at any point in the design, up to production and manufacturing. Customers can then choose from deploying the secured software themselves or initiate volume production with one of IAR´s approved partners, such as Hi-Lo Systems or EPS Global.

As security legislation and security requirements are becoming stricter, embedded developers need the flexibility to add security features to their product’s firmware application at any time of the product life cycle.

With IAR Embedded Secure IP, customers using MCU-centric systems do not have to revert their software development process. Still, they can easily integrate embedded security in their firmware applications, even at a late stage. The solution uses data obfuscation to protect sensitive data and program encryption from concealing the executable application. IAR Embedded Secure IP also implements the latest standards for operational data protection with digital signatures and device keys and allows for dynamic and customer-specific key creation, injection, and provisioning. Leveraging unique device identities or features provides cloning protection and safeguards the customer’s IP.

IAR Embedded Secure IP encrypts developers’ code and applications and transmits protected customer intellectual properties into the unique certificated device. IAR “Anti-cloning” generates unique identification for software applications and device hardware, which prevents counterfeits and over-production in manufacturing; “Active IP protection” ensures the security of customer intellectual properties such as applications, libraries, and other assets by providing encryption that guarantees safe device access.

With IAR Embedded Secure IP, customers can implement security functions even in the late-stage development process. Aiming to provide the most user-friendly environment, IAR Embedded Secure IP is highly compatible with any 3rd party libraries and 3rd party secure boot management mechanisms. IAR delivers tiny and simplified code tools to easily integrate security functions even in small, low-cost devices with small memory footprints.

After securing the software, customers can deploy it to devices themselves using hardware security modules (HSM) from IAR Embedded Security Solutions or initiate volume production with one of IAR´s approved partners, such as Hi-Lo Systems or EPS Global.

“IAR Embedded Secure IP makes it effortless to incorporate security into products at any stage of their lifecycle,” said Ada Lu, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Embedded Security Solutions at IAR. “With our tools for implementing late-stage security, customers stay flexible in their development processes and are prepared for future security requirements.”

For details on IAR Embedded Secure IP, please go to www.iar.com/eSecIP. More information about the IAR product portfolio for “Security Made Simple” is available at


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