Security from inception

Security from inception

Secure Thingz and IAR Systems share a vision for helping our customers to secure intellectual assets, accelerate trustworthy product delivery and make security a benefit instead of a cost. We believe that IoT security needs to be straightforward, scalable and sustainable, and that security must be integrated from inception, because adding security late in the development process rarely works.

Threats will not stop, so we are working together to make superior security available for all in order to build a secure and sustainable future for connected devices. Beyond protecting intellectual assets, we want to enable our customers to make security the bedrock of value across the enterprise.

In the end, we will have transformed an entire industry.

It’s time to deliver on the promise of IoT security

In the embedded industry, security has become the main concern, and for good reasons. You want your product to be a success, but as its popularity grows, so does the interest from the bad guys. Any weakness can, and will, be exploited to steal your IP and reengineer your product, either in manufacturing or at the user site. In addition, your third-party manufacturer may run unsolicited production batches and steal your profit as well as potentially hurt your brand or customers. However unfair it seems, the reality is that system compromises are a fact of life, and even minor mistakes can lead to major consequences.

Stefan Skarin, Business leader, Tech nerd, and CEO of IAR Systems

Haydn Povey, IoT Security expert, Evangelist, and CEO of Secure Thingz

IAR Systems acquires Secure Thingz

Interview with Haydn Povey at Arm TechCon

Including security in your design.

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