IAR Systems collaborates with Data I/O to facilitate the workflow from development to manufacturing

Uppsala, Sweden—February 20, 2018—Today, IAR Systems presents its partnership with Data I/O. Data I/O develops innovative solutions to enable the design and manufacturing of electronic products for automotive, industrial, Internet of Things, consumer electronics markets and their programming center and contract manufacturing partners. The companies are collaborating to deliver an integrated, modern workflow that will help companies to make the process from development to manufacturing more efficient and improve quality for embedded designs.

Data I/O’s customers manufacture tens of millions of products each year using the company’s programming solutions to reliably, securely, and cost-effectively deliver their Intellectual Property into programmable devices. The solutions are backed by a global network of support and service providers.

IAR Systems, established in 1983, and Data I/O, founded in 1972, share a large number of global and local customers within automotive, Internet of Things, medical, wireless, consumer electronics, industrial controls and other markets. IAR Systems is the leading provider of high-performance development tools for embedded applications, and Data I/O has been the leader in the programming systems market for many years. Up to now, the two companies have been part of separate stages of their customers’ respective design and manufacturing processes. However, the growing complexity of embedded applications and the increasing quality and security concerns within the embedded market now drive a need to bridge that separation. IAR Systems and Data I/O respond to this need by establishing a shared vision for a modern workflow connecting these key processes, easing the transition from development to manufacturing and enabling companies to establish modern, seamless workflows to ensure resource efficiency, fast product development, and high quality.

“The design to manufacturing transition has been a problem for many companies for a long time. Solving this problem requires a long-term roadmap based on customer requirements, and that is why we are collaborating with Data I/O,” said Stefan Skarin, CEO, IAR Systems. “The establishment of this partnership is part of the strategic focus by our Director of Corporate Development Anders Holmberg. Data I/O is a financially stable public company with 40-50 percent growth during the last year. Together, we are committed to long term R&D, paving the way for a strong partnership enabling joint customers to taking full control of their products.”

“We are convinced that a tight integration between development and manufacturing will become a hard requirement as companies start adding security to their designs,” says Anthony Ambrose, CEO, Data I/O. “By bridging the gap from development to manufacturing, Data I/O and IAR Systems can provide its joint customers with completely new possibilities to reduce time to market and ensure high quality.”

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