Arne Myhrman is elected as the new chairman of the board of Deltaco AB

Arne Myhrman is elected as the new chairman of the board of Deltaco AB (former TurnIT AB), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intoi. Arne has extensive experience in developing small and medium-sized companies and will take an active role in Deltaco’s long-term development and the listing of the company on First North in the spring.

-  Deltaco is an exciting company with 19 years of unbroken growth in profitability. For 2010, sales increased 8% to new record level of 379.7 million SEK, with continued high profitability and strong balance sheet. The Board believes that the listing helps to increase the visibility and interest in Deltaco and the company becomes an attractive investment option on First North, "said Arne Myhrman, new chairman of Deltaco AB.

Deltaco Board currently consists of Arne Myhrman, Björn Abild and Jonas Mårtensson. Björn and Jonas are also members of Intois board. The Board of Deltaco is planned to be extended with one additional person for listing on First North.

Arne is a civil engineer from KTH in Stockholm and has for many years held senior positions in primarily technology companies. Arne has previously been CEO of the Nordic operations of Generics Group plc, Vice President / CFO of Occupational Advisors AB and a consultant at PA Consulting Group AB and ran his own business with the mission of a large number of small and medium-sized companies. Arne was the Chairman of Scanreco Industrial Electronics AB from 2007 to 2010 and since 2008 Chairman of MnO International AB. Arne has also had the optional assignments in areas such as French school and the Red Cross Sollentuna.

Deltaco has been owned by Intoi since 2005. At shareholders meeting of Intoi January 14, 2011 it was decided to distribute Deltaco to the shareholders with the ambition to list the company on First North.

Deltaco is the leading supplier and distributor of IT products. Deltaco business concept is to short delivery times and competitive prices provide an attractive range of IT products including computer accessories, cables, network products and multimedia products.

Deltaco has a strong platform for growth through the effective procurement of low-cost countries in Asia, a modern logistics center and wide distribution to most major value-added resellers.