Change in the total number of votes in I.A.R. Systems Group AB

Stockholm, Sweden—May 31, 2021— I.A.R. Systems Group AB's Articles of Association contain a conversion reservation regarding the possibility of converting A shares to B shares. This means that owners of Class A shares have a continuous opportunity to carry out a conversion to Class B shares. In May 2021, 100,000 A shares with a voting value of 10 were converted to B shares with a voting value of 1, which affects the number of votes in the company. Following the conversion, I.A.R. Systems Group AB has no issued A shares.

Following the conversion in May, the total number of A shares in I.A.R. Systems Group AB is 0 (0% of the votes), B shares is 13,640,974 (98% of the votes) and C shares is 327,359 (2% of the votes). The total number of votes is 13,968,333. I.A.R. Systems Group AB's own holding is 327,359 Class C shares.

This information is such that I.A.R. Systems Group AB is obliged to publish in accordance with the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was submitted for publication on May 31, 2021 at 8:00 AM.