IAR Systems enable innovation in Automotive, providing full support for Renesas RH850

IAR Systems is proud to announce its new v3.10 of IAR Embedded Workbench, and IAR Build Tools for Renesas RH850, a world-leading device often used to create groundbreaking solutions in the next generation vehicles by the automotive industry globally.

Uppsala, Sweden—July 5, 2022 — The growing complexity of automotive applications require real-time control without sacrificing performance. This can only be achieved with modern multi-core RH850 Automotive MCUs from Renesas. IAR Systems® is the only tool vendor to deliver development tools for the entire line-up of Renesas MCUs, and the latest releases strengthen the long-standing collaboration.

The IAR Embedded Workbench for RH850 and IAR Build Tools for RH850 have been upgraded to the latest technology platforms, including the latest C/C++ language (library support for the C++17 language standard), which will allow developers to build far more advanced code to handle more complex tasks.

Today's release also includes 64-bit IDE & Editor enhancements with Dark Mode, and cross-platform IAR Build Tools streamlined for automated build and test processes in frameworks built on Ubuntu, Red Hat, or Windows.

The release also provides developers with extensions for Visual Studio Code to meet increasing customer demand. The extensions are compatible with the latest versions of IAR Embedded Workbench, and IAR Build Tools for RH850, made available seamlessly at Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

The latest version of IAR Toolchain for RH850 supports all the latest Renesas RH850 high-performance and scalable automotive multicore MCUs.

“Our investments in Embedded Development Solutions for RH850 in the latest technology platforms will improve our joint customers´ ability to innovate by simplifying the move to – and use of - high-performance multi-core MCUs”, said Rafael Taubinger, Senior Product Marketing Manager at IAR Systems.

The IAR Toolchain provides exceptional design flexibility for embedded developers working with the extensive Renesas product portfolio.  It also delivers outstanding performance and enables customers to easily switch between different architectures and choose the one best suited for a specific application while using the same development tools. The products from IAR Systems are proven to simplify the reuse of code, shorten time to market, and reduce design time and project cost while improving productivity, allowing developers to focus on accelerated innovation.

Since the beginning, IAR Systems and Renesas have had a profound and robust relationship based on trust, thought leadership, and a mutual passion for innovation and customer success. As a Renesas Alliance Partner, IAR Systems are committed to continuing to supply high-end tools for all Renesas MCUs, beyond the +4000 Renesas devices already supported.

Find more information about the new products at https://www.iar.com/products/architectures/renesas/iar-embedded-workbench-for-renesas-rh850/ and https://www.iar.com/products/architectures/renesas/iar-build-tools-for-rh850/