Proposal for the new Board of Directors of Nocom

At the Annual General Meeting of Nocom AB (publ) 28 April 2005, the re-election of Christer Magnusson and Stefan Skarin was proposed, as well as the election of new Board members Trygve Angell, Håkan Lissinger and Alexander Oker-Blom. Of the current board members, Monica Caneman, Curt Egerot and Anders Jonson have declined re-election. Trygve Angell, born 1960, is involved in his own company Pidell AS, Norway and as well acting managing director of Minox Technology AS. Trygve Angell has significant experience in the IT and telecom branches, including having worked for eight years at Oracle. Håkan Lissinger, born 1943, is the managing director of AVE Holding AB (publ), one of Sweden’s leading trade companies within home electronics.. Håkan Lissinger has worked within this sector for just over 35 years. Alexander Oker-Blom, born 1964, is the managing director of Alted AB. Holdings in Nocom: 400,000 B shares and 300,000 warrants and via a company an additional 1,292,805 B shares and 906,802 warrants. It is further suggested that the remuneration to the board’s chairman and other members remain unchanged. For the chairman, an annual compensation is paid in the amount of 150,000 SEK, while the remuneration to other board members will amount to 100,000 SEK per member. No remuneration is paid to those board members who are employed by the company. Shareholders representing approximately 24.5 percent of the votes have informed the company that they intend to vote in support with these proposals. For more information, please contact: Stefan Skarin CEO, Nocom cell: +46 708 65 10 05 e-mail: