Proposed Board of Directors, Board fees and Nominating Committee for Nocom

It is proposed that the Annual General Meeting of Nocom AB (publ) on May 3, 2006, re-elect sitting Board members Stefan Skarin, Trygve Angell and Alexander Oker-Blom, and elect new Board member Lisbeth Gustafsson. Current Board members Christer Magnusson and Håkan Lissinger have declined re-election. According to the proposal, the Board will consist of four members with no deputies. Chief Executive Officer Stefan Skarin is proposed for election as Working Chairman. Lisbeth Gustafsson, born in 1947, has a degree is sociology and was Director of Sales at Posten Sverige AB until 2006. She also has extensive experience in the IT industry and was employed by Digital Equipment AB 13 years, including four years as Managing Director. Lisbeth Gustafsson is active on the boards of WM-data, Prevas AB, Axel Johnson International, Karolinska University Hospital and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv). Furthermore, it is proposed that remuneration to the Chairman and other members of the Board remain unchanged. The Chairman receives fees of SEK 150,000 (150,000) and other members of the Board are paid fees of SEK 100,000 (100,000) each. No board fees are paid to members who receive salary from companies in the Nocom Group. The proposed members of the Nominating Committee are Alexander Oker-Blom, representing Alted, Ulf Strömsten, representing Catella, and Stefan Skarin, representing Nocom. Stockholders representing 22.7 percent of the votes have notified the company of their intention to support the proposal. If the Annual General Meeting votes in favor of the above, the Board of Directors will propose that Stefan Ström, Nocom’s Chief Financial Officer, be appointed as CEO of Nocom AB.