Tradevision and Compaq Co-operate to Develop Logistics Systems Solution

Tradevision and Compaq Computer Corporation today announced an enhanced relationship to convert the unique Tradevision “LogiMan” logistics management system into a stand-alone solution hosted on the Compaq NonStop Himalaya platform. Tradevision currently offers LogiMan to the transportation and logistics market via application service providers (ASPs). The joint development project will create a new version of the LogiMan solution aimed at larger organisations that want to operate their own system, but also want to take advantage of the Tradevision connectivity into the global transportation market. LogiMan is a logistics management system that keeps track of global shipments from purchase order to final delivery and automatically alerts those involved in the supply chain of any discrepancies. The new system will be marketed worldwide. Pauline Nist, vice president and general manager of Compaq’s NonStop Division, and Claes Borglin, Executive Vice President, Tradevision have signed an Agreement to convert the Tradevision LogiMan ASP solution into a stand-alone solution. The development is scheduled for a first system delivery at the beginning of 2002 with an Early Adopter site up and running by the end of 2001. “This co-operation means that we will be able to offer LogiMan to our markets an ASP solution as well as a stand-alone version with the same advanced features,” said, Claes Borglin. “We will now be able to meet a long-standing demand from our existing and prospective customers worldwide for a well-tested solution on a stand-alone platform.” “Together, Tradevision and Compaq offer an unsurpassed solution tested for over 10 years for NonStop performance and scalability,” said Pauline Nist. “In addition to addressing the obvious needs of global airline cargo and logistics companies, our solution will meet the availability needs of other market sectors, including manufacturing companies who need to control and monitor their shipments closely.” Nist continued, “Just-in-time’, ‘time-definite’, and ‘delivery-as-promised’ are no longer just buzzwords – they’ve become a reality. The NonStop Himalaya platform is ideally suited for industries that require continuous availability.” e-logistics LogiMan is used today by more than 50 organisations for e-logistics management. LogiMan keeps track of shipments from purchase order to final delivery and automatically alerts those involved in the supply chain of any discrepancies. It also interfaces and collects information from any system connected, including more than 110 airlines and over 50% of the world’s ocean container transports. In one case LogiMan realises the formation of an integrated logistics chain by interfacing to 26 independent freight forwarding systems. LogiMan is fully web-based and is also using mobile devices for up-dating and information interchange. “The LogiMan stand-alone version will have all the features of the ASP managed solution, including interfaces to the Tradevision electronic message switch. LogiMan stand-alone will be packaged and delivered as a defined product. Apart from the interfaces to the Tradevision CCS connection it will have application interface protocols (AIPs) for the user’s own system, local or special transporters and/or suppliers,” said, Claes Borglin. “For this package customers may ask for additional development dependent on any specific demands.” “The LogiMan solution is part of the Compaq NonStop Himalaya strategy to offer important market segments complete solutions,” said, Volker Dietz, Director of Compaq’s NonStop Division in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). “We have identified the logistics and transportation sectors as having great market growth potential and strong market drive. We’re convinced the industry will take advantage of the unbeatable combination of the Tradevision LogiMan solution on the continuous availability NonStop Himalaya platform.” Worldwide Marketing and Support Compaq and Tradevision will build up a worldwide sales organisation leveraging Tradevision’s extensive experience in logistics and Compaq’s extensive experience in continuous availability systems. For more details, please contact: Claes Strååt, president Tradevision Phone: +46 8 508 882 36 Mobile: +46 708 66 10 43 E-mail: Anders Jonson, chairman of the board in Tradevision Mobile: +46 708 - 65 53 01 E-mail: Click here to read more about LogiMan :