Eclipse IDE now available for users of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM

Integration combines the highly optimized compiler and advanced debug capabilities of  IAR Embedded Workbench with the large ecosystem of Eclipse

Uppsala, Sweden—December 19, 2012—Today, IAR Systems® announced that a complete integration with the Eclipse IDE is available for the high-performance development tool suite IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM®. With this integration, IAR Systems offers Eclipse support as an alternative to the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE, providing its customers with the possibility to use its world-leading build tools and debugger within the Eclipse IDE.

While the proprietary IAR Embedded Workbench IDE is tailor-made for embedded development, intuitive and easy-to-use, the open-source Eclipse IDE provides flexibility through its extensible framework and the ability to interoperate with a large ecosystem of supplementary tools. Developers are now able to combine the highly optimized compiler and powerful debug capabilities of IAR Embedded Workbench with the flexibility and framework provided by Eclipse.

The full integration of the IAR C-SPY® Debugger replaces the GDB-based debugger that is standard with Eclipse, allowing IAR Systems’ advanced debug technology to be fully exploited from within the Eclipse IDE. C-SPY brings advanced and comprehensive debug functionality, including a Timeline window that graphically correlates visualizations of interrupt logs, data logs, power samples and user-defined events plotted against time. It supports Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) as well as Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB). Power profiling enables fine-tuning of an application’s power consumption, and the C-SPY Trace window displays detailed trace data.

In addition to all standard Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) functionality, the integration enables additional features such as project import functionality, stepping on function call level, and complex code and data breakpoints. IAR Systems has run an extensive Technology Preview Program for the integration, ensuring thorough testing and stability. Customers making use of the integration also have access to IAR Systems’ renowned, global technical support.

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