IAR and AI Smart Monitoring Unleash Unparalleled Security for Heroic Faith Medical, Facilitating Medical Device Certification

Uppsala, Sweden; June 14, 2023 – IAR, the global leader in embedded development software and services, joins forces with Heroic Faith Medical to enhance data security in the healthcare industry. Heroic Faith Medical has adopted IAR Embedded Trust, a robust security solution, to protect their smart AI continuous respiratory monitoring device from breaching and tampering. This collaboration accelerates the attainment of essential medical device certifications, enabling the delivery of life-saving technologies to medical professionals worldwide.

Heroic Faith Medical specializes in advanced AI continuous respiratory monitoring technology. Their non-invasive assessment methods, which convert breathing sounds into visualized graphics, have been vital during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Medical personnel can remotely monitor respiratory functions, even while wearing full personal protective equipment, enabling real-time monitoring and vital treatment measures.

Yuan-Ren Cheng, Co-founder and General Manager of Heroic Faith Medical, highlights the significance of enhanced product security: “In addition to ensuring the safety of medical users, strengthened product security armors Heroic Faith Medical's intellectual property. IAR Embedded Trust is vital in ensuring the essential data encryption, security, and stability needed for our AI recognition management platform. Looking ahead, we anticipate collaborations with IAR and industry partners to create further synergy and bring smart respiratory monitoring to innovative fields.”

IAR Embedded Trust employs a comprehensive 4A approach—Anti-cloning, Active IP protection, Anti-rollback, and Authentication—to ensure the security of customers' data and devices. These mechanisms safeguard software applications, prevent counterfeiting, encrypt critical keys, protect against versioning threats, and verify authorized software code and application installations.

By incorporating IAR Embedded Trust’s security mechanisms, Heroic Faith Medical leverages the monitoring aspects of its electronic stethoscope, guaranteeing the integrity and confidentiality of the monitored data. Firmware-level protection ensures resistance against attacks and tampering, establishing the required encryption, security, and stability for seamless integration with the AI recognition management platforms.

Kiyo Uemura, Area Vice President of APAC of IAR, expresses confidence in the partnership, stating, "Through our collaboration with Heroic Faith Medical, we equip innovative medical technologies with enhanced precision and reliability, ensuring the security of both life and data. IAR Embedded Trust actively supports customers in overcoming security challenges and regulatory compliance in their respective fields, effectively eliminating data security vulnerabilities in product development and global embedded technologies. By integrating robust protections from the product design phase, we simplify security complexities."

Heroic Faith Medical’s electronic stethoscope has already obtained medical device certification from Taiwan FDA, with IAR Embedded Trust serving as a trusted partner throughout the USFDA certification application process. Both parties aim to establish this partnership as a good reference for industry peers experiencing similar challenges. The comprehensive end-to-end protection offered by IAR has the potential to extend to other ecosystem chain partners, unlocking new territories of application possibilities.

Please visit the IAR Embedded Trust product page to learn more.

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About Heroic Faith Medical
Heroic Faith Medical was founded in 2018 to focus on breakthroughs in medical technology to improve the quality of respiratory monitoring. Their mission of “Saving Lives Through Innovation,” established upon their founding, is dedicated to applying the best and latest artificial intelligence technologies to support medical personnel. The company is dedicated to building devices for smart AI continuous respiratory monitoring. Heroic Faith Medical has obtained medical device certification from both Taiwan FDA and USFDA; in the future, they will continue to work closely with various medical centers and clinical trial laboratories in Taiwan and the U.S.

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