Supported AVR devices

IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR

IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR supports many AVR devices. 

To find a specific device quickly, you can use the browser's search feature by clicking Ctrl + F. 

Total devices: 383

Device Family Vendor
AT43USB320A Other Atmel
AT43USB325 Other Atmel
AT43USB326 Other Atmel
AT43USB351M Other Atmel
AT43USB353M Other Atmel
AT43USB355 Other Atmel
AT76C712 Other Atmel
AT76C713 Other Atmel
AT86RF401 Other Atmel
AT90CAN128 AT90 Atmel
AT90CAN32 AT90 Atmel
AT90CAN64 AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM1 AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM161 AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM2 AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM216 AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM2B AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM3 AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM316 AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM3B AT90 Atmel
AT90PWM81 AT90 Atmel
AT90S1200 AT90 Atmel
AT90S2313 AT90 Atmel
AT90S2323 AT90 Atmel
AT90S2333 AT90 Atmel
AT90S2343 AT90 Atmel
AT90S4414 AT90 Atmel
AT90S4433 AT90 Atmel
AT90S4434 AT90 Atmel
AT90S8515 AT90 Atmel
AT90S8534 AT90 Atmel
AT90S8535 AT90 Atmel
AT90USB1286 AT90 Atmel
AT90USB1287 AT90 Atmel
AT90USB162 AT90 Atmel
AT90USB646 AT90 Atmel
AT90USB647 AT90 Atmel
AT90USB82 AT90 Atmel
AT94Kxx Other Atmel
ATA5272 Other Atmel
ATA5505 Other Atmel
ATA5700M322 Other Atmel
ATA5702M322 Other Atmel
ATA5771 Other Atmel
ATA5773 Other Atmel
ATA5774 Other Atmel
ATA5781 Other Atmel
ATA5782 Other Atmel
ATA5783 Other Atmel
ATA5787 Other Atmel
ATA5790 Other Atmel
ATA5790N Other Atmel
ATA5791 Other Atmel
ATA5795 Other Atmel
ATA5830 Other Atmel
ATA5831 Other Atmel
ATA5832 Other Atmel
ATA5833 Other Atmel
ATA5835 Other Atmel
ATA6285 Other Atmel
ATA6286 Other Atmel
ATA6289 Other Atmel
ATA6612C Other Atmel
ATA6613C Other Atmel
ATA6614Q Other Atmel
ATA6616C Other Atmel
ATA6617C Other Atmel
ATA664251 Other Atmel
ATA8210 Other Atmel
ATA8510 Other Atmel
ATA8741 Other Atmel
ATA8742 Other Atmel
ATA8743 Other Atmel
ATmega103 ATmega Atmel
ATmega128 ATmega Atmel
ATmega1280 ATmega Atmel
ATmega1281 ATmega Atmel
ATmega1284 ATmega Atmel
ATmega1284P ATmega Atmel
ATmega1284RFR2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega128A ATmega Atmel
ATmega128RFA1 ATmega Atmel
ATmega128RFR2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega16 ATmega Atmel
ATmega1608 ATmega Atmel
ATmega1609 ATmega Atmel
ATmega161 ATmega Atmel
ATmega162 ATmega Atmel
ATmega163 ATmega Atmel
ATmega164 ATmega Atmel
ATmega164A ATmega Atmel
ATmega164P ATmega Atmel
ATmega164PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega165 ATmega Atmel
ATmega165A ATmega Atmel
ATmega165P ATmega Atmel
ATmega165PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega168 ATmega Atmel
ATmega168A ATmega Atmel
ATmega168P ATmega Atmel
ATmega168PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega168PB ATmega Atmel
ATmega169 ATmega Atmel
ATmega169A ATmega Atmel
ATmega169P ATmega Atmel
ATmega169PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega16A ATmega Atmel
ATmega16HVA ATmega Atmel
ATmega16HVA2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega16HVB ATmega Atmel
ATmega16M1 ATmega Atmel
ATmega16U2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega16U4 ATmega Atmel
ATmega2560 ATmega Atmel
ATmega2561 ATmega Atmel
ATmega2564RFR2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega256RFR2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega32 ATmega Atmel
ATmega3208 ATmega Atmel
ATmega3209 ATmega Atmel
ATmega323 ATmega Atmel
ATmega324 ATmega Atmel
ATmega324A ATmega Atmel
ATmega324P ATmega Atmel
ATmega324PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega324PB ATmega Atmel
ATmega325 ATmega Atmel
ATmega3250 ATmega Atmel
ATmega3250A ATmega Atmel
ATmega3250P ATmega Atmel
ATmega3250PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega325A ATmega Atmel
ATmega325P ATmega Atmel
ATmega325PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega328 ATmega Atmel
ATmega328P ATmega Atmel
ATmega328PB ATmega Atmel
ATmega329 ATmega Atmel
ATmega3290 ATmega Atmel
ATmega3290A ATmega Atmel
ATmega3290P ATmega Atmel
ATmega3290PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega329A ATmega Atmel
ATmega329P ATmega Atmel
ATmega329PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega32A ATmega Atmel
ATmega32C1 ATmega Atmel
ATmega32HVB ATmega Atmel
ATmega32M1 ATmega Atmel
ATmega32U2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega32U4 ATmega Atmel
ATmega32U6 ATmega Atmel
ATmega406 ATmega Atmel
ATmega48 ATmega Atmel
ATmega4808 ATmega Atmel
ATmega4809 ATmega Atmel
ATmega48A ATmega Atmel
ATmega48P ATmega Atmel
ATmega48PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega48PB ATmega Atmel
ATmega4HVD ATmega Atmel
ATmega64 ATmega Atmel
ATmega640 ATmega Atmel
ATmega644 ATmega Atmel
ATmega644A ATmega Atmel
ATmega644P ATmega Atmel
ATmega644PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega644RFR2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega645 ATmega Atmel
ATmega6450 ATmega Atmel
ATmega6450A ATmega Atmel
ATmega6450P ATmega Atmel
ATmega645A ATmega Atmel
ATmega645P ATmega Atmel
ATmega649 ATmega Atmel
ATmega6490 ATmega Atmel
ATmega6490A ATmega Atmel
ATmega6490P ATmega Atmel
ATmega649A ATmega Atmel
ATmega649P ATmega Atmel
ATmega64A ATmega Atmel
ATmega64C1 ATmega Atmel
ATmega64HVE ATmega Atmel
ATmega64HVE2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega64M1 ATmega Atmel
ATmega64RFR2 ATmega Atmel
ATmega8 ATmega Atmel
ATmega808 ATmega Atmel
ATmega809 ATmega Atmel
ATmega8515 ATmega Atmel
ATmega8535 ATmega Atmel
ATmega88 ATmega Atmel
ATmega88A ATmega Atmel
ATmega88P ATmega Atmel
ATmega88PA ATmega Atmel
ATmega88PB ATmega Atmel
ATmega8A ATmega Atmel
ATmega8HVA ATmega Atmel
ATmega8HVD ATmega Atmel
ATmega8U2 ATmega Atmel
ATtiny10 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny102 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny104 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny11 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny12 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny13 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny13A ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny15 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1604 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1606 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1607 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1614 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1616 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1617 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1624 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1626 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1627 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny1634 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny167 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny20 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny202 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny204 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny212 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny214 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny2313 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny2313A ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny23U ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny24 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny24A ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny25 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny26 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny261 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny261A ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny28 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny3214 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny3216 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny3217 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny3224 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny3226 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny3227 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny4 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny40 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny402 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny404 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny406 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny412 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny414 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny416 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny417 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny424 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny426 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny427 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny4313 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny43U ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny44 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny441 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny44A ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny45 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny461 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny461A ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny48 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny5 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny804 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny806 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny807 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny814 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny816 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny817 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny824 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny826 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny827 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny828 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny84 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny840 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny841 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny84A ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny85 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny861 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny861A ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny87 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny88 ATtiny Atmel
ATtiny9 ATtiny Atmel
ATxmega128A1 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128A1U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128A3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128A3U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128A4U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128B1 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128B3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128C3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128D3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega128D4 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega16A4 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega16A4U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega16C4 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega16D4 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega16E5 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega192A3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega192A3U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega192C3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega192D3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega256A3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega256A3B ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega256A3BU ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega256A3U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega256C3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega256D3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega32A4 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega32A4U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega32C3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega32C4 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega32D3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega32D4 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega32D4P ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega32E5 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega384C3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega384D3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64A1 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64A1U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64A3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64A3U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64A4U ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64B1 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64B3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64C3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64D3 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega64D4 ATxmega Atmel
ATxmega8E5 ATxmega Atmel
AVR128DA28 DA Atmel
AVR128DA32 DA Atmel
AVR128DA48 DA Atmel
AVR128DA64 DA Atmel
AVR128DB28 DB Atmel
AVR128DB32 DB Atmel
AVR128DB48 DB Atmel
AVR128DB64 DB Atmel
AVR16DD14 DD Atmel
AVR16DD20 DD Atmel
AVR16DD28 DD Atmel
AVR16DD32 DD Atmel
AVR16EA28 EA Atmel
AVR16EA32 EA Atmel
AVR16EA48 EA Atmel
AVR16EB14 Other Atmel
AVR16EB20 Other Atmel
AVR16EB28 Other Atmel
AVR16EB32 Other Atmel
AVR32DA28 DA Atmel
AVR32DA32 DA Atmel
AVR32DA48 DA Atmel
AVR32DB28 DB Atmel
AVR32DB32 DB Atmel
AVR32DB48 DB Atmel
AVR32DD14 DD Atmel
AVR32DD20 DD Atmel
AVR32DD28 DD Atmel
AVR32DD32 DD Atmel
AVR32EA28 EA Atmel
AVR32EA32 EA Atmel
AVR32EA48 EA Atmel
AVR64DA28 DA Atmel
AVR64DA32 DA Atmel
AVR64DA48 DA Atmel
AVR64DA64 DA Atmel
AVR64DB28 DB Atmel
AVR64DB32 DB Atmel
AVR64DB48 DB Atmel
AVR64DB64 DB Atmel
AVR64DD14 DD Atmel
AVR64DD20 DD Atmel
AVR64DD28 DD Atmel
AVR64DD32 DD Atmel
AVR64DU28 DU Atmel
AVR64DU32 DU Atmel
AVR64EA28 EA Atmel
AVR64EA32 EA Atmel
AVR64EA48 EA Atmel
AT90SCR050 AT90 INSIDE Secure
AT90SCR075 AT90 INSIDE Secure
AT90SCR100 AT90 INSIDE Secure
AT90SCR200 AT90 INSIDE Secure
AT90SCR400 AT90 INSIDE Secure
M3000 Other System Semiconductor inc.

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