Supported devices

IAR Embedded Workbench for RISC-V

IAR Embedded Workbench for RISC-V supports 32-bit RV32E and RV32I cores, and 64-bit RV64I cores.

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Total devices: 118

Device Family Vendor
A25 25 Series Andes
A25MP 25 Series Andes
A27 27 Series Andes
A45 45 Series Andes
A45MP 45 Series Andes
AX25MP 25 Series Andes
AX45MP 45 Series Andes
D25F 25 Series Andes
D25F-SE 25 Series Andes
D45 45 Series Andes
N22 22 Series Andes
N25F 25 Series Andes
N25F-SE 25 Series Andes
N45 45 Series Andes
NX25F 25 Series Andes
NX45 45 Series Andes
Kendryte K510 Kendryte Canaan
H50X 5 Series Codasip
H50XF 5 Series Codasip
L11 1 Series Codasip
L30 3 Series Codasip
L30F 3 Series Codasip
L31 3 Series Codasip
L31F 3 Series Codasip
L50 5 Series Codasip
L50F 5 Series Codasip
ESP32-C3 ESP32 Espressif
E301 E3xx ESWIN
E302 E3xx ESWIN
E310 E3xx ESWIN
E315 E3xx ESWIN
E320 E3xx ESWIN
EAM2011 E3xx ESWIN
EMSA5-FS EMSA5 Fraunhofer
EMSA5-GP EMSA5 Fraunhofer
GP32L-SC NOEL-V Frontgrade Gaisler
GP64L-SC NOEL-V Frontgrade Gaisler
MC32L-SC NOEL-V Frontgrade Gaisler
MC64-SC NOEL-V Frontgrade Gaisler
GD32VF103C4T6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103C6T6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103C8T6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103CBT6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103R4T6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103R6T6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103R8T6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103RBT6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103T4U6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103T6U6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103T8U6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103TBU6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103V8T6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
GD32VF103VBT6 GD32VF103 GigaDevice
Hi3861V100 Hi3861V100 HiSilicon
HPM5301 HPM5300 series HPMicro
HPM5321 HPM5300 series HPMicro
HPM5331 HPM5300 series HPMicro
HPM5361 HPM5300 series HPMicro
HPM6220 HPM6200 series HPMicro
HPM6240 HPM6200 series HPMicro
HPM6260 HPM6200 series HPMicro
HPM6264 HPM6200 series HPMicro
HPM6280 HPM6200 series HPMicro
HPM6284 HPM6200 series HPMicro
HPM6320 HPM6300 series HPMicro
HPM6340 HPM6300 series HPMicro
HPM6350 HPM6300 series HPMicro
HPM6360 HPM6300 series HPMicro
HPM6364 HPM6300 series HPMicro
HPM6430 HPM6400 series HPMicro
HPM6450 HPM6400 series HPMicro
HPM6730 HPM6700 series HPMicro
HPM6750 HPM6700 series HPMicro
HPM6754 HPM6700 series HPMicro
Ibex Ibex lowRISC
Mi-V_RV32 Mi-V Microchip
Polarfire SoC MPFS250T PolarFire Microchip
RV32IMA AHB Mi-V Microchip
RV32IMA AXI Mi-V Microchip
RV32IMAF AHB Mi-V Microchip
N200 200 Series Nuclei
N300 300 Series Nuclei
N600 600 Series Nuclei
N900 900 Series Nuclei
NA300 300 Series Nuclei
NA900 900 Series Nuclei
NX900 900 Series Nuclei
U900 900 Series Nuclei
UX600 600 Series Nuclei
UX900 900 Series Nuclei
CORE-V MCU CV32E40P OpenHW Group
C64-A100 C-class Shakti
E20 E2 SiFive
E21 E2 SiFive
E24 E2 SiFive
E31 E3 SiFive
E310 E3 SiFive
E34 E3 SiFive
E61 E6 SiFive
E61-MC E6 SiFive
E6-A E6 SiFive
E76 E7 SiFive
E76-MC E7 SiFive
S21 S2 SiFive
S51 S5 SiFive
S54 S5 SiFive
S61 S6 SiFive
S61-MC S6 SiFive
S76 S7 SiFive
S76-MC S7 SiFive
E906 XuanTie T-Head
E907 XuanTie T-Head
CH32V003 CH32 WCH
CH32V203 CH32 WCH
SweRV SweRV Western Digital

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