IAR Visual State

Efficient graphical modeling and code generation with cross-platform host support on Linux and Windows



C,C++, C# or Java source code

IAR Visual State is a tool for design and code generation that runs on Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows. It is used to graphically design state machines (based on UML) and generate C,C++, C# or Java source code. It is also suited for low code development in embedded systems and app’s development.


Shorten your time to market

The design and code generation tool IAR Visual State helps you bring order to your design and speed up your project. Because the tool is made for embedded systems, it enables you to use state machines in an easy and intuitive way, with no unnecessary features to maneuver among.


Tightly integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench

The generated source code files by IAR Visual State are handled automatically by IAR Embedded Workbench IDE when you include the project connection file in the IDE project. The C-SPYLink plugin enables high-level state machine model feedback directly to the IAR C-SPY Debugger including graphical animation in the state machine diagram and the possibility to set breakpoints at state machine level instead of C level.


Compact and Quality code

IAR Visual State generates very compact C/C++ code, 100% consistent with your design and also MISRA C compliant. Advanced verification and validation tools are included in the tool and documentation can be automatically generated out of the Unified Modeling Language (UML subset) state machine design.

Explore IAR Visual State in action

Learn about the latest version and how to get started with the graphical modeling tool in this video.

Latest releases

We are constantly updating and refining our tools with new features, new device support and extended capabilities.

Latest version: 11.2.2

  • Maintenance release
    This is a maintenance release to fix bugs introduced in IAR Visual State 11.2.1. See the release notes for details.
  • Improved C-SPY plug-in
    The main update is that using the IAR C-SPYLink plugin with Graphical Animation now works correctly with IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm v9.40.
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Version 11.2.1

  • Improved cross-platform support
    The product is available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux (Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20).
  • Maintenance release
    This release contains corrections and fixes.
  • Update to HCoder (Hierarchic Coder) and CCoder (Classic Coder)
    Now support regeneration of files with -force option that determines whether the HCoder or CCoder generate new files even if the files already exist.
  • Update to CCoder (Classic Coder)
    Now supports a project prefix for types and functions with -projprefix option and also supports placing the Coder result file in a folder other than the project folder with the -R option.
  • Update to VSEditor
    The Find dialog changed so search in guids can be optionally included.
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Version 11.1.1

  • New user interface
    This release contains a new user interface that unifies editing and all other tools into the same application.
  • Windows and Linux Support
    The product is available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Updated user documentation
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Version 10.1

  • Update to Documenter
    The transitions out from initial, shallow history, and deep history states are now listed as part of the region these states are in.Update to DocumenterThe Documenter uses PNG files for images now rather than EMF files.
  • Update to CCoder and HCoder
    The Classic Coder, and the Hierarchic Coder now has an extra option so the chosen variant name can be automatically appended to the chosen output paths.
  • Adds support for generation of Java and C# output.
  • The latest release contains smaller corrections and fixes.
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