Due to the growing number of connected products, evolving legislations and increasing security threats, security is a top concern for companies worldwide today. 

IAR Systems and Secure Thingz believe that to solve security challenges in a scalable and sustainable way, security must be implemented right from start of the development cycle, to achieve security from inception.

The rapidly growing market of connected devices is facing major security challenges, enabling attacks such as IP theft, counterfeiting and overproduction, as well as data theft and potentially life-threatening sabotage. In order to solve these security challenges in a scalable and sustainable way, security measurements should be implemented right from start, from the inception of a new application.

Threats will not stop - so Secure Thingz and IAR Systems are working with industry leaders to make superior security available for all – delivering a secure and sustainable future for connected devices.


Security from Inception

Secure Thingz

Secure Thingz is the global domain expert in device security, embedded systems, and lifecycle management. Since 2018, the company is part of IAR Systems. Secure Thingz is focused on delivering advanced security solutions into the emerging industrial Internet of Things market, alongside critical infrastructure, automotive and other markets. The company is a founding member and Executive Steering Board member of the IoT Security Foundation, the leading global organization for IoT Security.

About us

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Compliance Suite

A shrink-wrapped solution for organizations targeting EN 303645 compliance for secure IoT applications

Recently announced, the Compliance Suite is a set of tools and training specifically targeted to provide embedded developers with a simplified path to building applications that are compliant with the European EN 303645, UK & Australian 13 Best Practices, and the evolving US Cybersecurity Improvement Act (NISTIR 8259).

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