Our Security Vision

Global domain experts in device security, embedded systems, and lifecycle management.

The vision

Our vision for a secure future is based on three fundamental beliefs:

  1. Security must be integrated from inception: Adding security late in the development process rarely works.
  2. IoT security needs to be straightforward, scalable and sustainable: Building security into the design process is the best way to achieve long-term robust and scalable security.
  3. By making security implementation easier, we will help our customers secure their intellectual assets, accelerate trustworthy product delivery and transform security from a cost to a benefit.

Making trust part of business as usual

Our mission is to make trust part of business as usual through scalable and robust security solutions. We are here to:

  • Make security implementation easier
  • Make best-practice security available to all
  • Enable security from inception
  • Enable business “as-a-service”, because value is transitioning from devices to services
  • Provide a secure Supply Chain: securing the full flow across the ecosystem - from development to deployment to update

IAR Embedded Security, formerly Secure Thingz, is our security solution demonstrating our global domain expertise in device security, embedded systems, and lifecycle management. Providing security solutions since 2016, IAR Systems has industry experts, bringing together deep knowledge of security, IoT, and embedded systems. IAR Embedded Security is a solutions portfolio in IAR Systems Group AB, the world-leading provider of software tools and services for embedded development.


The focus is on delivering advanced security solutions to the emerging industrial Internet of Things, critical infrastructure, automotive, and other markets.


IAR Embedded Security solutions ensure a cost-efficient root of trust in low-cost microcontrollers to deliver a core set of critical services through the product lifecycle, alongside secure deployment, production and update infrastructure.


I.A.R Systems Group AB is a founding member and Executive Board member of the Internet of Things Security Foundation (IoTSF), the leading global organization for IoT Security.

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