Troubleshooting SCC integration

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2018-02-08 06:14


This tech note focuses on integration issues that can occur when using the Source Code Control (SCC) API.


The SCC integration in IAR Embedded Workbench do not work with my version control system.


This information may help you make the Source Code Control (SCC) API work:

Step 1

Verify that your version control system supports SCC, that stands for Source Code Control - An API defined by Microsoft also known as Source Code Control Interface (SCCI).

Step 2

Verify that your version control system supports SCC is correctlyt registed in the Windows registry. (HKLM = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)

  • All SCC providers should register themselves under
    or (more info in Microsoft KB 305097)
    Here you may find e.g. something like
    Name: “Microsoft Visual SourceSafe”, Data: “Software\Microsoft\SourceSafe”
  • Every provider should also has a link to their DLL as given above under HKLM\. From the example above you should find at
    Name: “SCCServerPath”, Data: “C:\vss\win32\ssscc.dll”

Step 3

You must first create your project in your SCC client application before it can be used in IAR Embedded Workbench. Then select 'Connect project to SCC project' that opens a dialog box, which originates from the SCC client application, to let you create a connection between the selected IAR Embedded Workbench project and an SCC project; IAR Embedded Workbench project will then be an SCC-controlled project. After creating this connection, a special column that contains status information will appear in the Workspace window.

Step 4

Make sure that all the source files reside in the same directory as the ewp project file, or nested in subdirectories of this directory.

Step 5

The API that SCC supplies is a very simple interface and therefore very limited. SCC in itself is slow. Please let some time pass after you have added the project to source control. We have seen examples where it takes around a minute before the connection is working as it should.

Further information

More information can be found in IAR Embedded Workbench IDE User Guide.


IAR Embedded Workbench versions released after January 2005 have the ablity to communicate with external version control systems.

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