IAR Systems enables security compliance for embedded applications based on mainstream MCUs from NXP Semiconductors

The latest version of the security development tool C-Trust, an extension to IAR Embedded Workbench, adds support for the popular NXP K22, K24, K64, KV56 and KV58 MCU families on top of the other already supported NXP products

Uppsala, Sweden—May 18, 2020—IAR Systems®, the future-proof supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, announces the addition of support for a number of MCU devices from NXP® Semiconductors within its security development tool C-Trust®. This enhanced device support helps embedded developers to implement security, and ultimately helps meet new compliance standards from recent security legislations for IoT products that are already in development or production. Furthermore, in an additional release coming soon, C-Trust will also integrate support for i.MX RT1064 crossover MCUs, easing the development of secure industrial and consumer applications with outstanding real-time performance and memory.

In the US, since January 1, 2020, both California (SB 237) and Oregon (HB 2395) states have mandated that “manufacturers of connected products equip them with reasonable security features to protect the device and its information from unauthorized use.” This requirement falls to the manufacturer of the equipment, so any company delivering product for sale in these states must comply. Similarly, in Europe, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has published a final draft of the Standard EN 303 645, defining best practice European standards for consumer IoT security. In the Asia Pacific region, countries are progressing cybersecurity and privacy laws for IoT, for example the South Korean Internet & Security Agency (KISA) recently published guidelines for IoT Service Planning from Personal Information Perspective. C-Trust eases the design-in of these NXP MCUs in products that will have to meet the new security requirements of those regulations and standards.

C-Trust is as an extension of the complete development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench®, and eases the developer’s task of protecting an existing or new application without having to master the deeper complexities of security. This improves the security of an application with robust protection against Intellectual Property (IP) theft, malware injection, counterfeiting and overproduction. The latest version of C-Trust adds support for NXP’s K22, K24, K64, KV56 and KV58 MCU devices building on existing K65/66 support. Thanks to the updated device support, developers using the tool are able to add security into their existing product designs, further addressing the increased security requirements, without the need for extensive redesign or rework. 

“Delivering security into existing products and platforms is becoming mission-critical,” said Clive Watts, Director of Product Management, Embedded Security Solutions, IAR Systems. “As legislation applying to IoT products for sale now hits the industry, it is essential to provide a security framework that works with today’s mainstream devices, such as these MCUs from NXP. Companies must develop a roadmap to enhanced security, starting with improving existing solutions and then building towards designs based on next-generation devices with enhanced hardware support.”

 “NXP appreciated the recent introduction of support for the LPC55S6x MCU family in C-Trust, and the addition of these newly supported products is most welcome because it provides a more uniform portfolio where the addition of security is eased from mainstream to higher security applications,” said Brendon Slade, director MCU ecosystem, NXP Semiconductors. “As industry requirements evolve, companies need to be able to rapidly deliver the required functionality and meet end-user demands.”

To further help companies in building the right level of security for their needs, IAR Systems also offers the Security from Inception Suite, which is a unique set of tools and services for implementing and customizing security in embedded applications. More information about IAR Systems’ complete security offering, as well as details about the security tool C-Trust, is available at www.iar.com/security

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