IAR Embedded Workbench for STMicroelectronics STM8

full support for devices in the STM8A, STM8L and STM8S series and the STLUX

The latest version of this product, version 2.10, adds new windows for C-SPY macros, functionality for saving C-SPY watch window content, improvements for debugging with ST-LINK and STice, as well as selectable math functions and support for new devices. See more in product news


Key components:

  • Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor
  • Highly optimizing C and C++ compiler for STM8
  • Automatic checking of MISRA C rules (MISRA-C:2004)
  • Configuration files for all STM8 devices
  • Run-time libraries
  • Relocating STM8 assembler
  • Linker and librarian tools
  • C-SPY® debugger with STM8 simulator and support for RTOS-aware debugging on hardware
  • Example projects and code templates
  • User and reference guides in PDF format
  • Context-sensitive online help

Debugging system support:

  • C-SPY Debugger simulator
  • STice Emulator system
  • ST-Link debug probe
  • C-SPY Debugger plugin SDK available for 3rd party debuggers

RTOS support:

  • RTOS-aware debugging with built-in plugin for OSEK Run Time Interface ORTI

The RTOS plugin installs a number of new windows in C-SPY, most importantly the task or thread list windows where task-specific breakpoints can be specified and task-specific steps executed. Different inspector windows display the contents of the internal data structures of the RTOS such as timers, queues, semaphores, resources and mailboxes.

Supported devices:

IAR Embedded Workbench supports the following devices:

STM8AF familySTM8AF5168
STM8AF familySTM8AF5169
STM8AF familySTM8AF5178
STM8AF familySTM8AF5179
STM8AF familySTM8AF5188
STM8AF familySTM8AF5189
STM8AF familySTM8AF518A
STM8AF familySTM8AF5198
STM8AF familySTM8AF5199
STM8AF familySTM8AF519A
STM8AF familySTM8AF51A8
STM8AF familySTM8AF51A9
STM8AF familySTM8AF5268
STM8AF familySTM8AF5269
STM8AF familySTM8AF5286
STM8AF familySTM8AF5288
STM8AF familySTM8AF5289
STM8AF familySTM8AF528A
STM8AF familySTM8AF52A6
STM8AF familySTM8AF52A8
STM8AF familySTM8AF52A9
STM8AF familySTM8AF6126
STM8AF familySTM8AF6146
STM8AF familySTM8AF6148
STM8AF familySTM8AF6166
STM8AF familySTM8AF6168
STM8AF familySTM8AF6169
STM8AF familySTM8AF6176
STM8AF familySTM8AF6178
STM8AF familySTM8AF6179
STM8AF familySTM8AF6186
STM8AF familySTM8AF6188
STM8AF familySTM8AF6189
STM8AF familySTM8AF618A
STM8AF familySTM8AF6198
STM8AF familySTM8AF6199
STM8AF familySTM8AF619A
STM8AF familySTM8AF61A8
STM8AF familySTM8AF61A9
STM8AF familySTM8AF6223
STM8AF familySTM8AF6226
STM8AF familySTM8AF6246
STM8AF familySTM8AF6248
STM8AF familySTM8AF6266
STM8AF familySTM8AF6268
STM8AF familySTM8AF6269
STM8AF familySTM8AF6286
STM8AF familySTM8AF6288
STM8AF familySTM8AF6289
STM8AF familySTM8AF628A
STM8AF familySTM8AF62A6
STM8AF familySTM8AF62A8
STM8AF familySTM8AF62A9
STM8AL familySTM8AL3146
STM8AL familySTM8AL3148
STM8AL familySTM8AL3166
STM8AL familySTM8AL3168
STM8AL familySTM8AL3L46
STM8AL familySTM8AL3L48
STM8AL familySTM8AL3L66
STM8AL familySTM8AL3L68
STM8L familySTM8L051F3
STM8L familySTM8L052C6
STM8L familySTM8L052R8
STM8L familySTM8L101F1
STM8L familySTM8L101F2P
STM8L familySTM8L101F2U
STM8L familySTM8L101F3P
STM8L familySTM8L101F3U
STM8L familySTM8L101G2U
STM8L familySTM8L101G3U
STM8L familySTM8L101K3T
STM8L familySTM8L101K3U
STM8L familySTM8L151C2
STM8L familySTM8L151C3
STM8L familySTM8L151C4
STM8L familySTM8L151C6
STM8L familySTM8L151C8
STM8L familySTM8L151F2
STM8L familySTM8L151F3
STM8L familySTM8L151G2
STM8L familySTM8L151G3
STM8L familySTM8L151G4
STM8L familySTM8L151G6
STM8L familySTM8L151K2
STM8L familySTM8L151K3
STM8L familySTM8L151K4
STM8L familySTM8L151K6
STM8L familySTM8L151M8
STM8L familySTM8L151R6
STM8L familySTM8L151R8
STM8L familySTM8L152C4
STM8L familySTM8L152C6
STM8L familySTM8L152C8
STM8L familySTM8L152K4
STM8L familySTM8L152K6
STM8L familySTM8L152M8
STM8L familySTM8L152R6
STM8L familySTM8L152R8
STM8L familySTM8L162M8
STM8L familySTM8L162R8
STM8S familySTM8S003F3
STM8S familySTM8S003K3
STM8S familySTM8S005C6
STM8S familySTM8S005K6
STM8S familySTM8S007C8
STM8S familySTM8S103F2P
STM8S familySTM8S103F2U
STM8S familySTM8S103F3P
STM8S familySTM8S103F3U
STM8S familySTM8S103K3
STM8S familySTM8S105C4
STM8S familySTM8S105C6
STM8S familySTM8S105K4
STM8S familySTM8S105K6
STM8S familySTM8S105S4
STM8S familySTM8S105S6
STM8S familySTM8S207C6
STM8S familySTM8S207C8
STM8S familySTM8S207CB
STM8S familySTM8S207K6
STM8S familySTM8S207K8
STM8S familySTM8S207M8
STM8S familySTM8S207MB
STM8S familySTM8S207R6
STM8S familySTM8S207R8
STM8S familySTM8S207RB
STM8S familySTM8S207S6
STM8S familySTM8S207S8
STM8S familySTM8S207SB
STM8S familySTM8S208C6
STM8S familySTM8S208C8
STM8S familySTM8S208CB
STM8S familySTM8S208M8
STM8S familySTM8S208MB
STM8S familySTM8S208R6
STM8S familySTM8S208R8
STM8S familySTM8S208RB
STM8S familySTM8S208S6
STM8S familySTM8S208S8
STM8S familySTM8S208SB
STM8S familySTM8S903F3
STM8S familySTM8S903K3
STM8T familySTM8TL52F4
STM8T familySTM8TL52G4
STM8T familySTM8TL53C4
STM8T familySTM8TL53F4
STM8T familySTM8TL53G4
STLUX familySTLUX385

Note: Our partners frequently release new devices and the latest ones may not be listed here. We continually add support to new devices. Please contact IAR Systems to find out whether your new device is already supported or when it will become available.